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GOLIBRO : Printing books on demand

A printing solution for today’s publishing realities

When you print books on demand through our GoLibro® platform, printing your literary projects becomes automatic. With just a few clicks, you can order exactly the number of books you need and have them shipped within 48 hours.* No more book inventories: you save time and money by using book printing on demand. This short-run system allows you to print up to 1000 copies.*

Print the books you need and ship them wherever you want in a few easy steps

Step 1: If you are already a customer, just ask your account representative for your access to the GoLibro® interface. New customers: contact us now!

Step 2: Order a new print run of books already stored in your archive.

Step 3: Tell us how many books you want and where you want to ship them. We’ll take care of everything.

*Some conditions apply.
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