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Imprimerie Gauvin

Since 1892

Imprimerie Gauvin specializes in quality soft-cover books, produced on demand, or in short and medium runs. Our high standards have established our reputation with Canada’s most prestigious publishers. Books from the Gauvin workshop are sold in bookstores. 

Imprimerie Gauvin uses high-end digital printing, offset printing, and a mix of both to offer customers a wide range of options at highly competitive prices. The company combines a wealth of practical knowledge, acquired over its 126-year history, with the use of today’s most advanced technologies. 

Sustainable development is a key commitment for Imprimerie Gauvin. We use FSC®-certified (FSC® C100212) and recycled paper, and our reliance on transportation has been significantly reduced through an emphasis on Internet communications and customized online services.

Our mission

The mission of Imprimerie Gauvin is to produce books with pride and sell them at a reasonable price, and to ensure its presence in the world book market through the high quality of its product, its ethical values and its commitment to sustainable development.

Our philosophy

Imprimerie Gauvin values ethics and long-term success.  The quality of the work it does is of prime concern.  The company also aims to generate the profits that will guarantee its development and help it shape its destiny.
Imprimerie Gauvin is committed to developing long-term relationships with its staff, its customers and its suppliers in a spirit of honesty, transparency and mutual respect.
Senior managers are fully committed to the company’s success, emphasizing the value of listening, information-sharing and written communications.  Employees have a positive attitude and aim for the highest level of performance in order to provide customers with the highest level of quality.  Working together as a team, they show flexibility and are encouraged to make decisions and take responsibility for what they do.  Errors are an opportunity to look for winning solutions and improve the company’s practices.
Imprimerie Gauvin aims to be at the forefront of technological change and to ensure that each investment brings a return.

Imprimerie Gauvin is politically neutral.

Sustainable development


Today, every business claims to be “green”. What makes Imprimerie Gauvin stand out? And what does it mean by sustainable development?
By definition, development is the fact of growing, progressing, or evolving, and sustainability is the quality of development that can be maintained over time.
To reduce the waste involved in overproducing books (as a consequence of overestimating sales), Imprimerie Gauvin offers its customers the option of printing lower runs and relying on fast, inexpensive, short-run reprints. With this approach, Gauvin helps customers stay active and grow as they adapt to new market conditions, and the company itself develops strong and lasting ties with the book market.
As a book printer, Imprimerie Gauvin also aims to produce short runs on fine paper or paper that at least comes from a reputable source and has been manufactured in a way that respects native communities. The company tries to buy locally as much as possible.
The activities of paper mills and paper distributors are of concern to Imprimerie Gauvin. The company’s decision to obtain certification from the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC® C100212) is one expression of this concern. Certification is not a mere marketing device, but a way of ensuring the traceability of the paper supply chain.
With this certification, the company makes sure that the paper it buys comes from forests that are managed on sound principles, or from monitored recycled sources. Strict standards determine when the certification logo can be used, and the company is audited every year by an independent body. To keep its certification, Imprimerie Gauvin has to demonstrate that it continues to meet requirements.
Imprimerie Gauvin seeks to be acknowledged as a business that ensures sustainable development in its exchanges with staff, suppliers, customers and the many parties involved in the book trade. It sets high goals and is dedicated to achieving them.

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